I’m Boo Davis and Quiltsrÿche is my quilt studio.
I make quilts just like your metal-loving
half-blind Grandma would.


My skull quilts are strange artifacts
of oddball color combinations and found textiles.
I make them infrequently between
long stretches of panic and melancholy.




4ZERO7 GALLERY, "Skullduggery" solo show, Feb.-April 2019, Billings MT

Bedford Gallery, “The Skull Show” group exhibition, June 2014, Walnut Creek CA

Artcore Tattoo Studios, “Cross & Bones” solo show, April 2013, Seattle WA

Stash Quilt Shop, “Cross & Bones” preview, Sept. 2012, Seattle WA

TNC Gallery, “POW: Pop Now” group show, April-May 2012, New York NY

Assemble Gallery & Studio, “Dare to Be Square” solo show, Sept. 2010, Seattle WA

PUNCH Gallery, “Grätüitöüs Umläüt” group show, May 2009, Seattle WA

A.N. Bush Gallery, “Uncommon Thread” group show, Oct. 2008, Salem OR

KRONOS Art Gallery, Quiltsrÿche solo show, Sept. 2008, Staunton VA

Henry Art Gallery, “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” Aug. 2008, Seattle WA

Roq La Rue Gallery, Aqua Art during Art Basel, Dec. 2007, Miami FL

Sesame Gallery, “Wild Styles, Hot Craft” group show, Nov. 2007, London

All City Coffee, Quiltsrÿche solo show, Oct. 2006, Seattle WA